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Friday, February 21st, 2020

Our Financial Process

You probably own a variety of financial products and have made many financial decisions. Each product and financial decision most likely has been made individually and without much thought of integrating them into a skillfully coordinated and efficient plan. Without a financial model to assess, evaluate or measure each financial decision, your money may become uncoordinated, inefficient and unproductive.

Get your financial life organized ...
At Macro Money we use the model of Protection, Savings and Growth (PSG) as the basis for our financial planning. The PS&G Model is a financial model that contains all aspects of your financial life.

It provides you with a full view of your financial situation categorized into three important sections. Our goal is to simplify the process of understanding your financial world. 

We hope that you will participate in the evaluation process after you learn how easy it is to use.  Most people wonder how they ever made their money decisions without it. This will allow you to understand why you  are not getting your desired results.  


Educate yourself ...
An educated consumer is a smart consumer. The PS&G Model provides you with a tool to measure and
coordinate each and every money decision with the purpose of achieving financial efficiency and effectiveness toward financial independence. 

You will learn how to use this model to measure your financial decisions and make sound and appropriate choices that can make a real difference in your life.

Benefits of the PS&G Model
Instead of making financial decisions one at a time in an isolated manner (micro), we advocate financial decisions based on an organized, coordinated and integrated model (macro) approach. By using the PS&G Model, your assets and financial decisions are: 

When coordinated, your assets work together harmoniously.

When integrated, they provide for a potential increase in money supply and benefits.

The PS&G Model helps you compare, measure and verify results.

With a PS&G Model, you are no longer vulnerable to making decisions based on opinion or sales hype. Money decisions are now strictly performance and value based.

The PS&G provides a method for your money decisions to be easily and automatically implemented.

The PS&G will help you visualize how all your assets are working and at the same time provide an organized filing system.

Your money and assets will be more in your own control, which leads to making intelligent financial decisions.


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